Level UP Learning is our long-term skill development system designed to provide students with the academic, technical, and professional skills required for the 21st Century.
Year-round programs, summer camps, and learning labs prepare students for: college, internships, and careers in: programming, game development, design, and robotics.
Level UP Learning Centers bridge the gap between young people’s ambitions for careers and the specific skills needed by employers.

level up learning


Level UP Learning consists of key components which are monitored and adjusted to address every child’s learning goals and interests.

  • Elementary School: Foundations in computer science
  • Middle School: Specialization through guided career paths
  • High School: Preparation for college, career, and industry certification


Students start by taking a customized assessment which pinpoints their needs, allowing us to meet them where they are and take them where they need to go. These assessments continue throughout their Level UP Kids instruction to ensure progress and skill retention.

Customized Learning Plans

Based on the results of your child’s assessment, Level UP Kids will then design a customized learning plan that incorporates a combination of proprietary materials and instruction techniques to ensure your child masters the necessary concepts.

Project-based learning

Level UP courses are designed to engage students through carefully crafted projects. As students complete projects which are interesting and fun, they “Level UP” and open new courses.

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